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since  1980


our website is under major modification, we will put more products in, also pages in Chinese is only for
local customers, we will add more english updated pages

We have been in marine market for more than 35 years, we are always looking for manufacturer/supplier to promote their sales at Taiwan:
  ** MARINE : Newbuilding Equipment (for Yard) and existing ship's Parts  (for Shipowner), for Mercahnt ship, Navy ship, Coastguard ship,
        Yacht, Harbor boat and Workboat... 
  ** INDUSTRIES: We started business of Marine, but many of Marine Manufacturers also produce related industry equipment,
        that is why for these recent years, we also supplied  equipments for Power Plant, Petrochemical, Oil Refinery, Steel Factory and Water
         Plant.....We are interested in your equipments, please contact us.

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Recent projects :
***Jul. 13, 2015, we just signed a longterm contract with EVERGREEN MARINE, it is 5 years service of Viking Denmark lifesaving equipment
    for their 30 ships, probably will add another 20 ships in this contract. 
***Kongsberg Simulator
      - 2013 - 2014  we installed 5 simulator training systems (including Engine and Navigation) to NTOU (National Taiwan Ocean
        University) and NKMU (National Kaohsiung Maritime University)¡C
      - Jun., 2015, we won another contract of Full Mission Bridge Simulator of NKMU
      - May, 2017, we won another contract of Marine High Voltage Simulator of NTOU.

***Yanming Marine, we modify their 80 pcs of 960mm big main engine cylinder, and completed in 2014.

Hectos's history (over 30 years)
1979¦~ Established, starting business: vessel S+P, chartering and export sedonhand marine equipment/parts
             from scrapped vessel, Taiwan was biggest in the world for vessel scrapping, our secondhand business
             stopped 1988.

1984¦~ Starting marine new equipment/parts to supply Taiwan and worldwide shipowners 
1989¦~ Starting new equipment/parts to supply shipyard and industry in Taiwan
2000¦~ Established office in China.

Our business, we supply:-
** Marine newbuilding equipment for shipyard.

** Marine equipment and parts for existing ship for shipowner
** Yacht equipment to supply yacht builder
** Industrial equipment and parts for Oil Refinery, Petro-chemical, Power Plant, Steel Factory, Water Plant...etc



Hectos Ltd.
ADDress:8f-4, 296, sec. 4, Shin Yi Road, Taipei
tel:886-2-2707-3300(local:02-2707-3300)mobile:886-932-154-637(local: 0932-154-637)fax: 886-2-2703 5528(local:02-2703-5528)