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since  1980

 Marine parts recondition and exchange 


- Recondition at Singapore, Taiwan, China, Holland
- exchange at: Singapore and Holland
- maker's specification
- LLOYD’S  ISO 9001 ISO9002 approval


recondition items:-
- piston crown
- exhaust valve spindles (Nimonic and Steel/Stellite)
- exhaust valve seats
- exhaust valve housing
- cylinder covers,
- piston rods,
- crosshead pin / lower connecting rod bearings
- fuel injection system
fuel valves
fuel injector
needle/spindle and guide,
fuel pumps and plungers/barrels.

Total quality reconditioning

2-stroke steel pistons
detailed inspection, testing and complete removal of damage and chromium
complete rebuilding by automatic submerged arc welding and stress relieving
rebuilding, re-drilling and tapping of stud holes
chrome plating of piston ring grooves
Inconel surface treatment, if required
4-stroke light alloy and composite pistons
detailed inspection, testing and premachining
renewal of steel ring carrier
rebuilding by MIG welding
in case of steel crown: chrome plating of piston ring grooves
final machining/grinding to OEM specifications
Cylinder covers
removal of damage, grinding and fusewelding of cracks or, if required, renewal of the entire combustion chamber
stress relieving
machining to OEM specification
Exhaust valve spindles and seats
removal of existing seating surface, worn and damaged areas to sound base material
rebuilding with base material by synergic MIG weld equipment and re-profiling to OEM specifications
re-stelliting seating face by semi-automatic plasma transferred arc welding process
chrome plating or flame spraying of the valve stem and grinding to drawing size
nimonic welding if applicable, or as optional
Exhaust valve housing
removal of corroded areas to soundbase material
re-building with special nickel and aluminium alloys
coating the entire gas ducting for protection against corrosive attack
Piston rods
removal of existing chromium and premachining worn landing faces
welding and machining landing faces
chrome plating or spraying of the rod
grinding to original dimensions
Crosshead pins/lower connecting rod bearing
removal of damage and eventual existing chromium
chrome plating, grinding and superfinishing to original dimensions and tolerances
remetaling of bearings and machining to original dimensions




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