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since  1980

 Sulzer OEM parts + MANB&W parts 


Sulzer + MANB&W parts from Europe

AAA) Sulzer parts

BBB) MANB&W parts



AAA) Sulzer          

- From Europe
- OEM parts
- Mostly ex stock (from big item like cylinder cover to small item like ring and gasket)
- Same day delivery, no time-difference problem, stock point at Rotterdam, Singapore, computer system linked,
   you can enquire and order at Aisa and same day deliver at Europe when ship arrive.

Models available:

        Main engine
          RD: RD68, RD76, RD90 
          RND: RND68, RND76, RND90 
          RND/M: RND68M, RND76M, RND90M  
          RLA / RLB: RLA56, RLA66, RLA76, RLA90 
                                  RLB56, RLB66, RLB76, RLB90 
          RTA: RTA48, RTA48T, 
                   RTA52, RTA52U, RTA58, 
                   RTA62, RTA62U, 
                   RTA72, RTA72U, RTA76,
                   RTA84, RTA84C, RTA84CU, RTA84M, RTA84T

          AL/AV/ASL/ASV/ATL/ATV¨t¦C: AL25/30, AV25/30, ASL25/30,  
                                                           ASV25/30, ATL25/30, ATV25/30   

      models available:  only 50MC, 60MC 
other available models, please check our webpage available at Korea Korea B&W






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